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Help us with our brand and logo!

Roller derby worldwide has rolled to a halt over the last year, this has given our Birmingham based roller derby league time to regroup and reassess what the sport means to those involved, Birmingham Roller Derby are looking to rebrand and are yet to decide on a new identity.

This rebrand would represent the league for years to come therefore Birmingham Roller Derby require a professional design.


What is Roller Derby

Roller derby is a contact sport played on roller skates. You can read much more about the rules and watch games on our governing body’s website here

The teams that make up the league travel throughout the UK, Europe and beyond to play, meaning your logo design would be featured worldwide, on merchandise and uniforms. At the highest-level, roller derby is broadcast on ESPN and the BBC, meaning it is possible your logo design could feature on television sets around the globe in the near future.


The Brief

We are re-branding.

The league is looking for a new professional brand that encapsulates Birmingham and our members, and as such we have prepared suggested design paths to work from.

We have put together some suggested points to consider/take into consideration when creating your Branding and the overall logo.

  • How can the iconic Birmingham bull be reimagined in a way suitable for a sports team?

  • What other animals are associated with Birmingham, and how can they work within a sports logo?

  • When using an image to represent an individual person/a human form, care should be taken to use a design that is non-gender specific and that does not represent stereotypical gender norms.

  • Industrial/Architectural/Urban

  • Birmingham is well known for its rich industrial heritage, how can this be incorporated into a modern and functional design that honours the past and the future of Brum?

  • We are interested in architecture that spans from traditional through to modern times, including street art and the iconic Birmingham skyline.


We recognise your expertise in building a brand and therefore welcome you to submit a Branding and Logo outside of the above points but they should still represent Birmingham, what we represent and be based around our colour palette been teal, burgundy red, blues and copper

We have created a padlet mood-board below that may assist in your creation.


How your brand and logo will be used 


Merchandise, website, programs, uniforms, scoreboards, social media etc. Please keep this in mind when designing and ensure that the logo and any related text retains visibility and clarity at different sizes. We also ask that your logo is usable in a monochrome pallet.

What are we looking for? 

  • Logos: full logos, secondary/modular logos, and icons

  • Colour palette: primary and secondary colours 

  • Typography: font styles, sizes, and spacing

  • Use of other imagery: photos, illustrations, and artwork

  • Voice and tone: how the brand uses language and emotion

Please see PDF below or click here to view an example of the type of document we are looking for.

Birmingham Roller Derby will offer a competitive rate of pay for carrying out any agreed work. Application deadline is September 1st 2021.  

Vision Statement


Fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, Birmingham Roller Derby seeks to grow the profile of the sport by building links in the city and to nurture each individual's potential to thrive within an internationally recognised league that competes at all levels.

Mission Statement


Birmingham Roller Derby are committed to providing an open and inclusive environment for all members enabling growth and allowing all to reach their full potential through excellence in development. We are committed to providing an environment where all individuals can participate and excel in roller derby recreationally, competitively and in all collaborative roles while supporting the Birmingham community, by actively finding opportunities to make a positive impact.








By entering in a contract with us you are agreeing to the below ‘Terms and Conditions’


  • All work must be submitted digitally in the format of Ai 

  • Work submitted must be solely your own.

  • Birmingham Roller Derby will own the Copyright for any imagery created including but not limited to the logo 

  • The logo MUST include the words Birmingham Roller Derby. We are looking for a modular logo that can stand alone as a visual, work in conjunction with the words Birmingham Roller Derby and that Birmingham Roller Derby can also be used on its own 

  • By defining our brand you are agreeing that Birmingham Roller Derby will own the branding and associated work.

  • Please ensure that any drawings submitted are not defamatory, unlawful, discriminatory, or malicious, do not infringe third-party rights and are not subject to conflicting agreements in place that restrict their use.

Think you can help us? Please submit a portfolio or relevant work along with your availability. 

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