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Like most roller derby leagues, Birmingham Roller Derby is a not-for-profit organisation, ran and operated by its skaters and completely self-funded. Birmingham Roller Derby are looking for sponsorship to fuel our passion for the sport and elevate our performance. 

As we continue to grow and evolve, we're seeking sponsorship to elevate our team's capabilities and expand our impact within the roller derby world. Your sponsorship provides vital financial support and would make a profound difference, enabling us to cover essential expenses such as venue hire, travel costs for competitions, equipment purchases, training programs and promotional materials.


In return, we offer valuable exposure and visibility for your brand through our various platforms, including uniforms, social media, events, and community outreach efforts. Birmingham Roller Derby offer advertising opportunities, placing sponsors' logos on websites, social media posts, and promotional materials. This exposure benefits sponsors by reaching the roller derby community and potentially broader audiences. Your partnership with Birmingham Roller Derby will not only support our team but also contribute to the roller derby community in our region.

Join us in our journey to success, empowering our team to achieve new heights and make a lasting impact in the world of roller derby.


Thank you for considering this opportunity to support our passion and dedication to the sport, if you would like to get in touch to discuss sponsorship, please email

Birmingham Roller Derby Team Chant


Birmingham Roller Derby appreciates donations no matter the size, as a completely self-funded league any donations make a huge impact.


Donations can come in various forms:

  • Equipment: Donating gear like skates, helmets, pads, or track materials, can help us kit out rookies and maintain the track.

  • Venue Support: Offering a venue or assisting with venue costs helps us secure spaces for practices, games, and events.

  • Services: Donations in the form of services (like graphic design or marketing assistance) can be invaluable to help the league function smoothly without extra costs.

  • Fundraising Support: Donations of items for raffles or fundraising events can generate revenue for the league.

  • Financial Donations: Monetary contributions aid us in covering various expenses, such as travel costs for competitions, insurance, promotional materials, and operational expenses.


These contributions enable Birmingham Roller Derby to operate efficiently, support its members, expand community outreach and foster a thriving roller derby community in the region.

If you would like to contribute a gift in-kind, please contact, or if you would like to make a monetary contribution please use the PayPal link below.

Birmingham Roller Derby Final Jam
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