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Birmingham Roller Derby has various committees which handle the different aspects of the leagues operations. Below are some of the committees which you could join as a volunteer at BRD.

  • Training Committee: Responsible for skater development, organising training sessions and fixtures, finding and booking venues.

  • Events Committee: Plans and coordinates league events, including games, socials, fundraisers, and community outreach programs.

  • Design, Marketing and PR Committee: Manages the league's public image, social media presence, promotional materials and merch.

  • Finance Committee: Manages the league's finances, including budgeting, fundraising efforts, and sponsorships.
  • Membership and Resources: Involves caring for members' well-being, encompassing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, providing pastoral care, ensuring health & safety, and managing equipment.


Birmingham Roller Derby relies on the support of dedicated volunteers to help with various game day tasks which are essential for the smooth operation of the sport. Below lists a few of the Game Day Volunteer roles which you could undertake:

  • Event Staff: They assist with setting up and tearing down the track, arranging seating for spectators, and managing the overall logistics of the event.

  • Merchandise Sales: Volunteers help sell team merchandise, accessories, and other items, contributing to the league's revenue.

  • Hospitality: Volunteers assist with providing refreshments or managing the concession stands for spectators and participants.

  • Photographers/Videographers: Individuals with an interest in photography or videography might volunteer their skills to capture exciting moments. 

  • Announcers: Announcers provide play-by-play commentary to spectators, keeping the viewers up to date with point scoring, penalties and time keeping.

Volunteers dedication and support are crucial to the success of roller derby events and the overall functioning of the league.

To find out more about volunteering opportunities within the league, please reach out to

Ticket Stall
Floyd King Photographer
Merch Table
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